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Spelling Bee

The Spelling BEE is a spelling competition project designed to stimulate the
reading habit in students by teaching students to learn words, spell words
correctly, learn proper use of words and promote the proper use of the
Language. The Spelling Bee will comprise of two competitions namely, the
Spelling Bee and the Kiswahili Spelling Bee.

The Spelling Bee Championship was created to enable children to increase
their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct language usage,
acquire knowledge, develop cognitive skills, and increase their understanding
of ideas and values making them competent to pass standardized tests and
therefore staying in school longer. In addition they children will learn key
social skills and develop a positive attitude towards life. We believe this will
not only help and motivate them to complete school but also transform them
into change agents and credible leaders.

Our Journey

The Spelling BEE 2018 championship will invite a panel of schools from public, private and international primary and secondary schools in Dar es Salaam region only. The Bee intention of the Bee is to have all public schools participate in the championship through Public Private Partnership initiatives. We hope to achieve this goal within the first 3 years of the competition (by year2020). To achieve this, we have modeled the championship as PPP project that will receive support from the private sector, non-governmental as
well as government sector. To achieve this we plan to have the following:

1. Spelling Bee Championship 2018 – will focus on select primary, secondary public and private schools in Dar es Salaam. In this competition, we will have both the English and Kiswahili Spelling BEE taking place simultaneously.

2. Spelling Bee Championship 2019 – will focus in four (4) regions namely Dar es salaam, Pwani, Tanga, Morogorogo and Iringa Region. Using our PPP model, we hope to invite all public primary and secondary schools within the regions to participate at the
competition. During this completion we will have district level championships, regional championships and the National Championship. The top 10 students of every district will participate in the regional championship. The best 10 students will participate in the National Championship. In addition, we will introduce the Swahili Spelling Bee in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

3. Spelling BEE Championship 2020 – We envision a national competition of all 27 regions of Tanzania. The competition will have district level, regional and national. The top 10 students of every district will advance to the regional championship. The top 5
students in every region will advance to the National Championship. National champions will participate in the East Africa Spelling Bee Championship that will be hosted in Tanzania.

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